1 Year Of MentalMusic: A Look Back

February 12, 2018

On February 7th 2017, MentalMusic Episode 1: Discussing Mental Health was published on Soundcloud, and the MentalMusic podcast was born. As MentalMusic marks its one year anniversary, we’re taking the opportunity to look back at some of the highlights, and celebrate our successes.


The MentalMusic origin story is one of humble beginnings - starting out as our founder and CEO Jordan’s high school English project in 2016, with a lot of hard work, it grew into a legitimate business venture. In MentalMusic’s anniversary episode, Jordan described the process of creating the podcast: “Originally it started as an English project... my teacher started a project-based learning initiative called Verge Young Entrepreneurs in which students create their own startups to address a social issue... I chose mental health, because it was something I was dealing a lot with at the time.”


After the initial idea took form, the goal was to create a resource for a teenage audience, which contained both the informational and personal elements that would really allow young people to discuss mental health issues. From there, it was a series of pitches both in class and, eventually, to a panel of business and entrepreneurial professionals, in which Jordan came runner-up for his amazing idea. From there it was months of planning, partnerships and logistics, as he gathered his team and found the resources he would need to create and publish the first episode.


From the get-go, MentalMusic has been involved with other entrepreneurial and mental health organisations. Some highlights have included interviewing representatives from ReachOut and Headspace, publishing an article with the Foundation for Young Australians, and mentorship from Little Tokyo Two. From these partnerships and connections, MentalMusic has been lucky enough to receive some awards and recognition for its work. In early 2017, an article on our podcast was published with the ABC, while MentalMusic won FYA’s award for 2017 Rookie Enterprise of the Year.


As for the podcast itself, we’ve grown far beyond what we could have foreseen a year ago. We’ve interviewed experts in the psychological profession, and reached over 3,000 listens on our first episode. To date, we’ve created and published 27 episodes, as well as a few mini-series, and launched our blog, The Muse, so that you can read extra content and articles just like this one!


Throughout the year, there’s been a lot of change in the MentalMusic team. We’ve welcomed some new faces and seen others move on; even as recently as last week we gained a new host, George, who hosted his first episode for the anniversary special. MentalMusic couldn’t be achieved by one person - from planning, researching and recording episodes, to arranging interviews, collecting music submissions, and editing the final published product, it takes a village to create a podcast.


Of course, we couldn’t have made it this far on our own. A huge thanks goes out to every individual and organisation who have supported us on our journey from school project to start-up - in particular Verge YELittle Tokyo Two and ReachOut. We couldn’t have done any of this without their support and mentorship.


As for the future of MentalMusic, we don’t plan on slowing our momentum any time soon. There’s still new things on the horizon, and some pretty high-profile partnerships we’re excited to explore. And, of course, we’re always looking forward to creating new content for you, our readers and listeners. So, a massive thank you from all of us at MentalMusic, and stay tuned.

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