Anger - it boils, it burns, and it can be the most difficult emotion to control. Let’s be honest, we’ve all had those moments of absolute, uncontrolla...


Fear. It’s the queasy-stomach, heart racing dread you might experience sitting down to start an exam, waiting at the top of a rollercoaster just befor...


In the last issue of All The Feels, we explored happiness - what it is, how it works, and how we can maximise it in our lives.

Now let’s look at the fl...


Happiness. It’s something we all strive for. As young people, it’s often used as an incentive to justify the things we do. How many times have we hea...


Let’s be honest, as teenagers we are all far too familiar with those moments of angst when our emotions take over all logical thinking, and morph into...


One musician’s journey to capture emotions in song.

Have you ever heard a song that really struck a chord (pun intended) with you? One that emulates a...


A few weeks back, we introduced you to 1AWeek - a social media movement and nonprofit startup aiming to promote acts of kindness. As awesome as this i...


We all want to do good in the world. It’s something young people aren’t given nearly enough credit for - our desire to create positive change, and fix...


On February 7th 2017, MentalMusic Episode 1: Discussing Mental Health was published on Soundcloud, and the MentalMusic podcast was born. As MentalMusi...


*Disclaimer: These tips are not intended as psychological help, but merely general advice for school stress and worries. If you are experiencing anxie...

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