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Founder and CEO

As the founder of MentalMusic, he does not take any responsibility whatsoever and passes it onto everyone else, which is kind of his job as the manager and CEO, so the team doesn't hold it against him. Jordan actually does put a lot of work into the podcast as he doesn't do much otherwise.

Musical Preferences: changes from month to month, currently Post Modern Jukebox


Co-Host of MentalMusic

With dreams of travelling the world, Kelsey gives MentalMusic a female perspective. She really enjoys fencing, (and music, of course!) so don't mess with her!

Music Preference: Pop Rock & Panic! At The Disco


Co-Host of MentalMusic

Bio Coming SOON!


Music Consultant

Cool bean Asian ><. The ultimate Koreaweaboo, Danielle interacts with anyone interested in getting their music on the podcast and answers inquiries about all things to do with music and the podcast. She makes the best cookies.

Musical Preferences: K-Pop (Apink, BTS, TWICE, Red Velvet, EXO, pretty much everything)


Tech Nerd/IT Guy

When not frolicking through the aisles of tech stores, Joah can be found playing games and being generally impulsive. He is also a supreme weaboo that loves nearly everything Japanese culture. Joah is into comics and such - yeah, he's one of those kids.

Musical Preferences: Indie Alternative Pop Rock



Maddy is the most likely one of us to use the phrase "multi-faceted" in regular conversation. We don't fully understand what it means, but she seems to, so we thought we should make her our editor.

Music Preferences: Pop/Alternative & Dodie Clark


Social Media Manager

Bio Coming SOON!

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